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I wonder why we listen to poets
When nobody gives a fuck

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Reactions to “Shake It Off” From Some Prominent Music City Players

At the height of the Outlaw quasi-crossover hysteria, Waylon Jennings defiantly declared, “I couldn’t go pop with a mouthful of firecrackers.” Taylor Swift, country’s biggest record-seller this century, has flirted with pop and…

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Taylor Swift swipes her 60th Hot 100 hit… Only one female act has made more Hot 100 visits: Aretha Franklin, with 73.


I don’t care for discussing charts here, but this is interesting.

But to be fair, it seems to be a misleading statistic that favors modern artists.  

Taylor hasn’t had 60 released singles; obviously the digital downloads age allows fans to buy songs that were never released to radio.

I would think that nearly all of Aretha’s Hot 100 visits all would have had to have been things specifically released to radio or on 45s.


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I think this is just another reflection of her as an album artist. Almost all of the 60 dropped off after 1 week, but it’s still notable because nobody else releases an album that people immediately want to download album cuts— any of the songs that aren’t radio or promotional singles.

"All fourteen songs on the album and three bonus tracks have charted on the US Billboard Hot 100, eleven of them charted concurrently making Swift just the third artist in history and first female artist to have over ten concurrent Hot 100 hits. Speak Now is also the only album in history to spawn seventeen Hot 100 hits. It produced four top ten, seven top twenty, and nine top thirty hits."

RED sold more albums in the first week, but less people bought enough individual tracks that week to repeat every song debuting on the Hot 100. The songs that never charted (on the Hot 100) were Treacherous, The Last Time, Holy Ground, SBT, The Lucky One, and Starlight. Unlike Speak Now, only 1 of 3 deluxe songs was released digitally, charting that week. Just think, she would already be at 62 if they had strategically released Come Back… Be Here and Girl at Home in 2013.

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